June 20, 2023

Optimizing Business Connectivity: Determining the Right Frequency for Network Cable and Hardware Upgrades

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Optimizing Business Connectivity: Determining the Right Frequency for Network Cable and Hardware Upgrades

Like all computer technology equipment, network and hardware gear will eventually need to be replaced, as it has become outdated. For many businesses, knowing when to update their network gear can be confusing. How do you know when your Wi-Fi equipment has become outdated?

Since updating your network gear can be expensive and time-consuming, many companies don’t want to update if they don’t need to. However, having the most up-to-date equipment and gear is essential to running your business smoothly. We’ll go over how often businesses should upgrade their network cabling, hardware, and other Wi-Fi equipment. Plus, we’ll discuss some of the factors businesses should consider that may affect this upgrade frequency.

How Often Do Businesses Need to Update Their Network Cables and Hardware?

For any business, having network gear, hardware, and Wi-Fi equipment is essential to smoothly run their operations. But all businesses will also need to update their gear as it becomes outdated to keep their network infrastructure operating efficiently. Knowing exactly when it needs to be replaced, however, is a bit tricky. 

Most professional technicians recommend that businesses update their network cabling and other gear between four and five years. But, there are a number of factors that could alter this time frame. For example, the frequency may be different depending on the type of office or business. 

Additionally, if a business is growing, its network needs may change as they scale. When a small or medium-sized business grows, it usually means employee growth. With additional employees, businesses will have to increase data storage and integrate more devices into the network. To keep up with new network issues, businesses may need to update network hardware and Wi-Fi gear.

Why Is It Essential for Businesses to Upgrade Their Network Gear?

Technology is always evolving, and new versions of network gear can perform better than old ones. Upgrading your hardware and gear will likely mean improved efficiency within your network, as they have more capabilities. However, some businesses may be reluctant to upgrade due to the costs. How does a business determine if they absolutely need to upgrade their network cabling and other equipment? 

For starters, a business should evaluate the lifespan of its network equipment. If the gear is over four years old, it’s definitely time to upgrade, as it’s likely outdated. However, it may also be time to upgrade if your network isn’t keeping up with your growing business’s needs. 

If you think your business might be ready to upgrade its network gear, we are ready to help with your business’s unique needs. We can help with any repairs, upgrades, support, or installation services your business needs. Contact our team with any questions you may have about your business’s network needs.