November 4, 2022

Tips For Speedy Business Wifi

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Tips for Speeding up your Business WiFi

The world has evolved and continues to do so rapidly; human technology reflects this fast-changing reality. In little over a century, humanity has seen the creation of industry, computers, smartphones, space travel with computer navigation, and so much more.  

Today’s businesses can no longer run at a horse-and-cart pace; there need to be fast ways of executing plans to keep up with the modern markets. Social media and search engine advertising have added an element that central broadcasting, newspapers, and radio could not activate alone.

Speeding up data and WiFi for your business could provide the edge needed to get ahead of the competition.

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Evolving Human Communications

As America developed, the fastest way to send post was the Pony Express, which included a network of post office stations where a fresh horse could be found, and the tired ponies could rest. This network spread across the continental United States and can still be seen today.

Today, these networks have changed (evolved, instead) into telephone poles that have wired the nation together, and those evolved into cellular networks today. With these modern-day towers, humanity can use the internet just about anywhere on the planet and communicate with anybody with data access on earth.

 Modern Communication Needs

With those new speeds, businesses have created a new modernized international market in which the internet plays a crucial role in maintaining the storefront. Companies will need the fastest connection speeds available through the internet storefronts and the now ever-changing communications schemes.

 Teams will need the ability to communicate within the business, make changes on the fly, and adjust to the speed of reality. Mistakes are made and need speedy resolutions; when opportunities are announced, it is usually the first business that arrives to get the deal.

The speed of business makes the nature of human economies a race; that ability to communicate with everyone at any time can be the difference between Million and Billion.

Finding the right provider of internet services

The first step to improving the network of your business, look at the company providing your data and internet service and dig into the speeds available and packages offered. Today, some providers have the capabilities of one Gig, even multi-Gig per second speeds.  

Then talk to the company representatives and ask them about their servers; go even further and ask about the capacity to see possible growth issues. Could they handle your company if it grew at an exponential rate? 

If you find a provider that can do all those things, then provides the speeds you need to compete, the first tip worked.

Using the right equipment

Most of you techie folks like me know what a basic home network looks like; You have the modem, which the internet signal comes into and then communicates with the router, which can send data to and from the computers connected to the network via ethernet or WiFi. Simple, yet that is where many components can change the speeds of your network.

For instance, today’s routing technology can process up to about ten Gigs per second which is incredibly fast for human computing. Finding a router to process the provider’s high-speed internet service is the second tip for speeding up your business’s WiFi.

Upgrading Equipment and managing devices

Now you have the fastest provider and router combo possible, yet there are pieces of technology that can boost the WiFi throughout your building or home. WiFi boosters, ethernet switch ports, and the like are all pieces of equipment that one can use to put a puzzle together, metaphorically speaking, of course, to find the right combination to deliver the fast speed internet throughout your business.

Another tool is to manage the device’s access to the internet, either via IP address management or software restrictions, which can effectively keep the internet speeds up for the more crucial parts of the business. In Part, learn what technology is available and use the equipment that will benefit the network and those relying on it.

Final Thoughts: Tips For Speedy Business Wifi

To be brief, having speedy internet will require a provider that can push out those speeds and a modem/router combo that can process the data being sent and received.  

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We hope you now understand these tips for speedy business wifi and wish you all the best!