October 24, 2022

What Is An Ethernet Cable?

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What is an Ethernet cable?

Getting hung up on all the cords can be manageable regarding computer setup, and the truth is knowing what the cables are, where they go, and how they help your computing system complete the tasks you are asking of the computer.

An ethernet cable is a standard cord in the Information Technology expert; what it does is make networking easier. Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A are the currently popular types of ethernet cords used today, and they provide speed responses to computing requests.

It takes information from one computer to another via internet applications and communication. Take an external server out on the internet, somewhere in the world; Then picture the producer of handmade hats sending their product out via ethernet cord to the internet, to which a customer pulls that information off the internet through a modem and an ethernet connection to the purchaser’s home desktop.

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Where did the Ethernet cord come from, and why?

Today’s technology contains the highest speeds of cellular and wireless internet downloads and uploads but simply put; there is no replacing a good hardwire. This is where the ethernet cable comes into play; various ways to get to the internet and use the applications.

Older computer users will remember to dial-up connections and that good ole beep song and screech like when a person pulls fingernails along a chalkboard and then sits there waiting for AOL to say through the speakers, “You have mail.” Then came the invention of faster-speed internet services and providers, which needed a cord to handle those speeds.

How does it help improve speeds?

It is a commonly known fact in the IT industry that when a computer is hardwired, or in other words, using an ethernet cord, it is a faster means for data transfer than Wi-Fi. Therefore, the advantage goes to the gamer with a hardline to the modem/router or the bidder employing the same strategy.

An ethernet cable is a series of (usually) copper wire braided under a protective plastic-coated jacket that runs the length of the cord; within these wires is the key to speed. The data containing electrical signal travels immensely faster along a conductive metal like copper than, say, through the air as a radio frequency.

What is the purpose of an Ethernet cable?

These cables are utilized in various ways, but the most common in the networking world is to set up a local area network. They can be run from behind the walls to create jacks for classrooms, office spaces, and IT server areas to create a network for the various computing devices to communicate with each other and, for some, the internet.

They can be run from a home computer to the modem of an internet service provider to get the highest performance available in the area. Ethernet cables are a utility tool that makes networking more manageable and, in some cases, possible.

Where can Ethernet cords be purchased?

Ethernet cords can be found at most retail stores with computer products, such as office retail stores, technology stores, major department stores, and even in some online stores. Even a local hardware store would provide cabling solutions, usually for situations where the walls are bare.

Remember to keep in mind that the longer the cord, the slower the data transfer speed. Keep the cables you use for computing as short as possible to get the best results from your lines.

A rule of thumb when cutting the cord; measure twice, cut once. Nothing is more upsetting than finding a cable that is too short.

Final thoughts: What Is An Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet cables are relatively simple to work with and provide the speediest internet speeds for a person’s computer needs. Utilize these cables to connect the computer systems within the home, classrooms, or any other office in need of a network.

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More About Ethernet Cables

These cables can be purchased at most retailers, even hardware stores, and come in lengths of hundreds of feet to segments of twenty-five feet, twenty feet, fifteen feet, ten feet, and so forth. To put it plainly, these bundles of copper wires are made to send electronic signals between computer systems. This writer believes they are the most crucial tool for an IT professional. 

You should now have a better understanding of the topic what is an ethernet cable and we wish you all the best.