April 4, 2023

What Is Structured Cabling And Why Should You Use It

what is structured cabling and why should you use it

What’s Structured Cabling And Why Should You Use It?

If you are reading this post, you may be wondering what is structured cabling and why should you use it. In this post we will explain everything you need to know on the topic! So sit tight and let’s get into this interesting and very important topic!

Structured Cabling – What Is It Exactly?

Structured cabling is a term used by many cabling professionals and tech gurus. What it signifies is the design, installation and infrastructure of various cabling systems in the communications realm. However, it isn’t just the cord of your desktop computer that plugs into an outlet on the wall. It is the more complex cabling and wiring systems that support data centers, office building and more and can adapt to various hardware requirements for both today and into the future.

In Layman’s Terms – The Meaning Of The Term

In the telecommunications world- the term is really tossed around quite a bit. However, it’s a complicated term that still seems vague and hard to explain. So in simpler terms, structured cabling is the telecommunications system and infrastructure that is comprised of smaller, standardized elements.

While this still seems very complex and vague- and believe me we hear you on that one – there’s an easier way to think of this type of cabling infrastructure. It’s quite simply the wiring infrastructure that connects data systems and communications of a building or business.

What Does Structured Cabling And Data Wiring Look Like

Structured cabling systems can often look – well – messy. But good structured cabling infrastructure demands a need for organization.

In a structured cabling system, there are patch panels that are used to keep things organized and port necessary hardware elements correctly through the rack. From here, in a structured cabling system, you will see that this patch panel will then be connected using a trunk to another patch panel and in a main distribution area.

what is structured cabling

But Don’t Worry To Much About What It Is!

While this all may seem a little confusing and complicated – the bottom line is that this is not for you to understand. Leave the structured cabling up to your cabling contractor or IT infrastructure company.

However, while you don’t really need to understand the meaning of the term, you should understand why it’s important. Because it really is. In a perfect world, your company’s cabling systems will function at their best efficiency. Data communications will run smoothly and that can really only happen with good IT infrastructure and proper wiring setup.

Benefits Of A Structured Cabling System

There are many benefits that you should be aware of too. When you add components to this kind of system, you will see the process will be much more seamless and easy. Components and hardware should easily be implemented into your structured cabling system. So for companies that utilize various telecommunications systems, it’s ideal.

In addition, downtime will be reduced pretty drastically and the overall organization (even though it may still seem a little complicated) should be much cleaner and easier to manage.

Systems efficiency should be improved and your cabling and wiring system will be at its best. If you have a business or office complex of any type- there are innumerable benefits you should take into consideration!

Let Network Data Cabling Help With All Of Your Data Cabling Needs!

The bottom line is this. There are so many reasons to use structured cabling if you have a business or data center. Improvement in efficiency is a great benefit all businesses should appreciate. But leave the cabling questions to the experts and hire Network Data Cabling to help you with your IT infrastructure needs! The work in many different business industries and provide comprehensive cabling and wifi solutions that businesses can rely upon. Call Network Data Cabling today and learn more about this topic!